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Concerned about cost, privacy and getting on with the rest of your life?

The 1 Day Divorce – legal and binding in the United States – may be your solution. Read on or call 800-445-3425 to set up a confidential appointment in our office. There is no charge for the initial half hour consultation.

One Day Vs. One Year

Traditional divorce proceedings linger, on average, over one year. Starting with a mediation agreement that’s acceptable to all parties, a 1 Day Divorce is just that – accomplished in 1 day in the Caribbean. Almost everyone has a friend or relative with a divorce horror story. From the emotional trauma to the cost, we all cringe at the trials of $50,000 - $100,000 in cost and bitter give and take.

The One-Day Divorce standard cost is $5,000 total, which includes:

  • $2,000 in average U.S. Legal Fees
  • $3,000 for Caribbean Legal Fees
  • $450 average for ground transportation and hotel accommodations.

This is NOT a new or exotic idea. Since 1980, Haufler Associates, attorneys and counselors at law, have processed numerous 1 Day Divorces in the Caribbean.

Private & Confidential

Conventional divorce proceedings in the United States tend to be crowded in open courts. The details of your agreement are often echoed among bystanders and strangers. The court documents are also public records for a nosy neighbor or co-worker to thumb through.
A Caribbean divorce is held in private session. The paperwork, although legal and binding, is not accessible to the public.
The Caribbean courtroom hears one case at a time for complete confidentiality and privacy.
A Divorce Decree is recognized and ratified under the Hague Convention.
After the proceedings, Clients may depart on any flight after 2:00 PM on the same date of the court appearance. A tourist card must be purchased upon arrival for $10.00. Each person must show proof of (U.S.) citizenship. The only document accepted as proof of citizenship is your passport from the U.S. or other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do both parties have to be present? - No
Are these divorces valid and binding? - Yes

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